An Important Message For darkangelwritingtools Customers


darkangelwritingtools has recently been made aware of numerous third party websites and sponsored advertisements which are using darkangelwritingtoolss’s copyrighted photographs and videos, without its consent.

We are concerned that customers trying to visit darkangelwritingtools are reaching these websites by mistake and/or are getting the wrong impression that these websites are affiliated with darkangelwritingtools, based on their unauthorized use of darkangelwritingtools’s copyrighted photographs and videos. 

If you do find an unauthorized website, marketplace, or social media account using our photos and/or videos, please report them. 

Please be aware that NO OTHER website, other than is in any way affiliated with darkangelwritingtools. We urge you to be cautious with websites which appear to be affiliated with darkangelwritingtools, through their unauthorized use of darkangelwritingtools’s copyrighted photographs and videos, as they are not.

Thank you for being a loyal darkangelwritingtools customer
xo, darkangelwritingtools Team